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Shopify —
Made to Move

Client: Shopify Director: Soleil Denault (l'Éloi) 1st Assistant Director: Isabelle Brutus D.O.P: Derek Branscombe 1st Camera Assistant: Charles-Antoine Auger Video Assistant: Simon Desrochers Key Gaffer: Nicolas Thomassini Key Grip: Stéphane Klopp Art Director: Oliver Steinberg (l'Éloi) Set Art Director: Jean-Luc Charron Art Director assistant: Audrey Gosselin Props stylist: Philippe Poignand Props stylist: Marilyne Lachance Stylist: Jay Forest (Folio) Hair and makeup artist: Maïna Militza (Folio) HMU assistant: Isabella Forget Editor: Jesse Riviere Color Grading: Charles-Étienne Pascal (Shed) Motion Design: Étienne Thériault (Shed) Sound: Cult Nation Producer: Karyne Bond (l'Éloi) Director of Production: Sébastien Hotte (l'Éloi

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